The use of smart deices, coupled with high-speed internet access, is pushing the error margin to the least . Products and services are at once more visible—and vulnerable—than ever before.

Xtensible Testing is essential to ensuring a positive brand experience for your customers. We can help you uncover critical issues before you go to market and give you the power to know how your mobile app or device functions anywhere in the world.

  • On any device

    How can you keep up with new devices entering the market daily? With access legacy and emerging devices, test multiple form factors, and device capabilities with ease.

  • In any location

    How do you simulate network performance across the world? With functional testing, we can make sure your app works on location—any location—with our crowdsourced services from in-country native users.

  • On any OS

    How do you test performance on various operating systems and platforms? From outdated software to the latest versions, we can help you understand how your app or device works (or doesn’t) on any OS.

We have the expertise, scalability, and flexibility to provide end-user feedback on your products and services as well as consistent QA when you need it. Working with Xtensible, you can be sure that the end-user experience for a new product or service will be as seamless in every place you want to connect with customers.

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